Discussing Bahamian Issues Objectively

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We are at a critical stage in our development as a nation and a people. The decisions we make
now will determine our future. Will we continue to prosper or become another Jamaica or Haiti?

It is important that we educate ourselves about the issues and become engaged in what is
happening in this country. Do you agree?

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MPs Who Ignore The Public Disclosure Act Above The Law?

MPs Must Disclose Or Be Charged

Crime is one of the most vexing problems facing our society today. It is threatening our way of life, our culture, our economy, our very existence. Bahamians everywhere are crying out to our leaders to address this scourge, to rescue our society from its downward spiral. And who better to turn to then our leaders, right? Unfortunately, it turns out our esteem leaders are also among the epidemic of law breakers . Yes, the very people tasked … Continue reading...

Bahamians Unaware: Ticking Time Bomb Could Sink The Bahamas Economy

public service pension liabilities

Are we addressing the serious issues in this country? It seems we go from controversy to controversy every week without really dealing with serious issues. I recently learned about a ticking time bomb that a leading accounting firm has likened to the Iceberg that sank the titanic. Public Service Pension Liabilities Most of us know that the public service salaries make up a major portion of the government's budget each year, but we fail to … Continue reading...

The BEC Bribery Scandal And Its Implications

I have said for years that the biggest problem in The Bahamas is slackness and corruption. I believe every major problem we have can be traced to these two issues. Unfortunately, these issues are … Continue reading...

What Is The Bahamas ‘Great Thing’?

I saw this article last night about how India will break two records if their mission to Mars launch is successful on Wednesday; 1. They will be the first nation to do it on their first try 2. … Continue reading...