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We are at a critical stage in our development as a nation and a people. The decisions we make
now will determine our future. Will we continue to prosper or become another Jamaica or Haiti?

It is important that we educate ourselves about the issues and become engaged in what is
happening in this country. Do you agree?

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Bahamas Crime Statistics Discrepancy Lowers Public Confidence in RBPF

Police Crime Stats

Every year it seems like the murder count slows down, stops or even goes in reverse! Many Bahamians believe that the police somehow fudge the numbers, either through reclassification of murders or under-reporting to the public. As a result many news organizations and online groups regularly maintain their own counts as the year progresses. However, I don't recall there ever being any major "callout" of the police stats based on tangible facts. … Continue reading...

Was 2013 The Worst Year Ever For Crime In The Bahamas?


I was all set to write the 3rd part in my series on what we need to do to solve crime in The Bahamas today, but I came across an article on Facebook where Nicolette Bethel was asked the above question. Her response was a no holds barred commentary on the state of our country. I was so taken with her response that I felt it was something that should be shared and re-posted as much as possible.  Btw if you don't know, Mrs. Nicolette Bethel is … Continue reading...

Top 10 Posts On Straight Talk Bahamas in 2013

As 2013 closes I thought I'd take a look at the top 10 most visited posts on Straight Talk Bahamas for the year. So here they are; 10. 3 Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Being Murdered  9. Is it time to … Continue reading...

Here’s What We Need To Do To Solve Crime Part 2

This is part 2 of my series on what we need to do to solve crime in The Bahamas.  Part 1 established that there was no one solution to crime and that if we want to solve crime we have to approach it … Continue reading...