Discussing Bahamian Issues Objectively

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We are at a critical stage in our development as a nation and a people. The decisions we make
now will determine our future. Will we continue to prosper or become another Jamaica or Haiti?

It is important that we educate ourselves about the issues and become engaged in what is
happening in this country. Do you agree?

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7 Benefits of Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information March

If you look hard enough, if you follow the trail far enough I believe almost everything that is wrong in this country can be traced to slackness, inefficiency and/or corruption of The government and it's agencies. (Go ahead try it...) Therefore the best way to improve our country is to get government to work better; to work for and be accountable to the people. Nothing would accomplish this more effectively than a robust Freedom of … Continue reading...

Why Is Labour Day Important In The Bahamas?

Labour Day March

One of the unfortunate realities of The Bahamas is that we don't do a good job of educating ourselves on the history of our country. So holidays roll by and to many they are little more than a long weekend to party or extra days off from work. Most of us only have a vague notion of the history behind these holidays and the significance of the day to the development of our country. So it is with Labour Day, which was created to honor the … Continue reading...

Guest Post: I Refuse To Utter Political Sarcasm Any Longer!

The great thing about social media is you are exposed to some very interesting people who share interesting, exciting, thought provoking and sometimes hilarious stuff.  I happen to have a very … Continue reading...

Bahamas Crime Statistics Discrepancy Lowers Public Confidence in RBPF

Every year it seems like the murder count slows down, stops or even goes in reverse! Many Bahamians believe that the police somehow fudge the numbers, either through reclassification of murders or … Continue reading...