Discussing Bahamian Issues Objectively

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We are at a critical stage in our development as a nation and a people. The decisions we make
now will determine our future. Will we continue to prosper or become another Jamaica or Haiti?

It is important that we educate ourselves about the issues and become engaged in what is
happening in this country. Do you agree?

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The BEC Bribery Scandal And Its Implications

BEC Bribery Scandal

I have said for years that the biggest problem in The Bahamas is slackness and corruption. I believe every major problem we have can be traced to these two issues. Unfortunately, these issues are so prevalent in our society that we have come to accept them as a way of life. This can not continue. The effects of years of slackness and corruption are compounding and causing ever increasing problems for our society. The recent news of BEC … Continue reading...

What Is The Bahamas ‘Great Thing’?

Indians Celebrating

I saw this article last night about how India will break two records if their mission to Mars launch is successful on Wednesday; 1. They will be the first nation to do it on their first try 2. They will have done it the cheapest out of all the nations that succeeded I it made me wonder... what great thing are we doing as a country to inspire our citizens; to make us proud and confident as Bahamians? Was it the roads of Hubert A. … Continue reading...

7 Benefits of Freedom of Information

If you look hard enough, if you follow the trail far enough I believe almost everything that is wrong in this country can be traced to slackness, inefficiency and/or corruption of The government and … Continue reading...

Why Is Labour Day Important In The Bahamas?

One of the unfortunate realities of The Bahamas is that we don't do a good job of educating ourselves on the history of our country. So holidays roll by and to many they are little more than a long … Continue reading...