Is This An End to Fake Products In The Bahamas?

fake designer bags

The Counterfeit industry in The Bahamas is coming to an end.

Vendors sell fake and pirated DVDs, CDs, clothing, luxury bags and accessories openly in this country.

Well those vendors should enjoy it while it last because the end is near.

The passage of the Customs Management Bill in The house of Assembly on Thursday means that all of these items will be confiscated at customs or from street side vendors.

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has warned that there will be a national crackdown on the sale of counterfeits and pirated goods.

“No one will be able to argue anymore that, ‘you collected my Customs duty and now you say I can’t sell them’.  They (Customs) will have the power when they arrive to confiscate them or alternatively, if they find them subsequently, to detain them and dispose of them,” said Ingraham Thursday night in the House.

“And so people ought to be warned – The Bahamas seeks to become a lawful state insofar as copyright is concerned from (items) being imported into The Bahamas.”

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 How do you feel about this? Is this a good thing for The Bahamas?




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