Revealed: The Bahamian Politician’s Mindset That Ruined Our Country

Bahamian Politicians MindsetEver wonder why things can’t seem to improve in this country? Why our government seems so inept? Why we are 5.5 billion dollars in debt with hardly anything to show? Why government is spending way more than it collects each year? Why the government is going to implement VAT next year?

I opened the online version of a local daily today and saw a story with several quotes from the Minister of Agriculture that answered every one of these questions.

The story was about the Agriculture school being built in Andros (a good thing) for which the Government had allocated $4 million in its 2013/2014 budget. 

Here are his quotes and my analysis;

As we discuss the school more things have been enlightened to us, so what we thought we could do has been broadened by multiples. By that I mean if we intended to put five buildings for teachers, now we may have to put 10 buildings for teachers.

There is a thing in project management called “scope creep”. That is when you start out planning to do one thing and continue to add stuff here and there, until the project becomes much more than you intended initially. The end result is increased cost and time to completion.

Considering the economic climate and financial constraints of the government, you’d think he would try to limit the project or do it in phases over, say a 10 yer period? 

Unfortunately, the Bahamian politician’s mindset knows no boundaries when spending the public’s money.

On to the next one..

The figures are being toyed around between $12 and $20 million, so $4 million is not going to do it, the base will be $12 million but the ceiling we hope will be $20 million, that will give us a good educational school for marine science and agriculture.

Are you kidding me!? Is he really serious with this? How can he fix his mouth to make this statement to the public? This must be a mis-print. It has to be!

The maximum projected cost of this project increased five times the original budgeted amount. FIVE TIMES.   and get this, “he hopes the ceiling will be $20 million”. Which means it could be higher and he’s okay with that. This ladies and gentlemen is why we are in the state we’re in. 

but lets move on to the coup de gras…

We’re not going to focus on the price because the Bahamian people will afford it

ah… the final insult.

Never mind that the average Bahamian is suffering more than ever, the middle class is shrinking, people are losing their homes, the government is running a half-billion dollar deficits, the National Debt is 5.5 Billion dollars etc etc … no worries…The Bahamian people will afford it.


The Bahamian Politicians Mindset

The Bahamian politician knows no boundaries and it’s ruining this country. 

The fact that this Minister feels comfortable making this kind of statement and that there was no outcry about it says a lot about his mindset and the low expectations of the public.

We can no longer afford to accept these half-assed, half-baked ideas from Bahamian politicians.

Don’t get me wrong, the agriculture school is a great idea, the fact that we need to become self sufficient is long overdue. But taking a good idea, wrapping it up in a poorly planned, poorly controlled project is how we’ve been wasting money for years.

I know many of you reading this can probably point to multiple examples like this over the years, but when I read this story I was more than a little pissed and it struck me as the perfect example of why we find ourselves in the state we’re in.

Maybe I’m over-reacting though. Hopefully the local daily will be forced to print a retraction.

How do you feel about the Minister’s statements?  Can you list more examples? What can we do about it?

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  • Anterio Johnson

    “The figures are being toyed around between $12 and $20 million ” To begin with, “toyed around” is a poor choice of words when it comes to money.

    • GR Wilson


  • Neavada Dames

    Personally, I feel that the way our politicians approach financial matters is a demonstration of the level of respect they have for the people of this country…particularly those of us who reside in the decaying middle class, the lower class, and below the poverty line.

    • GR Wilson

      I agree. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to realize it. Too many of us caught up in party politics…

  • Geoff

    Okay, now let’s speak the question which is really on our mind. How much of that money will actually make into the school?

    When people start making up figures from out of the air, it causes me to think what are they really trying to say.

    At $20 mil. this does not sound like a school but a resort.