Top 10 Posts On Straight Talk Bahamas in 2013

Top 10 Articles on Straight Talk Bahamas in 2013As 2013 closes I thought I’d take a look at the top 10 most visited posts on Straight Talk Bahamas for the year. So here they are;

10. 3 Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Being Murdered 

9. Is it time to admit that we have a problem with our police force?

8. 10 quotes relevant to The Bahamas today

7. Do You Know Your Constitutional Rights?

6. Bahamas Gambling Referendum Chaos

5. Do you remember Halloween the way it used to be?

4. Will numbers finally be legalized in The Bahamas?

3. Oil well will be drilled in The Bahamas next year

2. What is VAT and why do we need it?

And the most visited post in 2013 was actually written in 2011;

1. Bahamas Resources Being Plundered By Dominican Fishermen

Thanks for reading in 2013. And Have A Happy New Year!

– GR Wilson

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