Bahamas Murder Count for 2011

Updated October 23rd 2011 


At the beginning of April I decided to discontinue keeping track of The Bahamas 2011 Murder Count for several Reasons;

  1. It was very frustrating and depressing
  2. 90% of Traffic coming to this site was for “Bahamas murders 2011”
  3. The traffic spike was nice, but I didn’t want my site to be about murders
  4. It was a lot of work trying to keep accurate murder count and accurate info
Here’s what you need to know about Murders in The Bahamas
  • We’re averaging 11 murders per month (July19th)
  • Which means we’re on pace to reach 132 murders this year (God Forbid)
  • There’s a 90% chance the latest Murder victim is Bahamian Male under 35yrs old
  • Who likely died because of an argument, relationship drama, drugs trade or other illegal activities
Instead of keeping track of the number of murders, I decided to focus on various solutions to REDUCING murders.
I hope you find the following articles interesting 

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Straight Talk Tips on how you can avoid being a murder victim

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Bring God Back To The Streets

In this post I look at the role of the church and specific ways they can contribute to reducing crime. This is one of my favorite posts and If you know any Ministers, Pastors, Reverends or Bishops I hope you share it with them.

Is This The Solution To Crime?

In this post I examine where government should focus their efforts to have the most chance of success in reducing crime. This is another one of my favorite posts. I really believe that this is the most effective solution to reducing murders and crime in The Bahamas. Like and Share this post with as many people as you can if you agree.



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